(formerly OctoPygmy)

An Octopus Deploy extension to ease large installs and heavy usage


Dashboard collapser



Environment collapser and filter



Integrated Step Template Library

Import library step templates right from your Octopus Deploy server

Update Step Template Usage

Update a step template's usage across all deployment processes in one click.


Bluefin is a free browser extension for Octopus Deploy. It eases the management of large installations of targets and projects. It also helps in other administrative items and continues to gain new features.

You can turn each feature on or off to fit your specific needs. No matter if you have 5 projects/targets or 500 Bluefin is an enhancement to Octopus Deploy that will benefit you greatly.


You can make suggestions for features on the Github issues page. Many of the ideas for features in Bluefin come from the Octopus Deploy features suggestions so if you have something on there mention it in the issue here for reference.